Bursa State Hospital project seemingly abandoned

The project to build the Bursa State Hospital, the foundation of which was marked by Deputy Prime Minister Bandulent Arinandc and Health Minister Mehmet Manduezzinoilu as part of the Justice and Development Partyand’s (AK Party) election campaign last month, has apparently been abandoned, as the construction company has not driven a single nail since the groundbreaking ceremony.
The hospitaland’s foundation was laid in Bursaand’s Nilandufer district on May 9. Speaking to AK Party supporters during the ceremony, Arinandc said the hospital would be completed in 30 months. However, even though 40 days have passed, the construction company has not commenced work. The 830-hectare area has only four large holes that were dug out for the groundbreaking ceremony.
Moreover, there is a disagreement over the area where the hospital construction is planned. The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs has given the Ministry of Health the right to use the area for 24 years. However, some locals took the issue to the court on the grounds that the land was private property. The Bursa 1st Administrative Court issued a stay of execution in August of last year on the ministryand’s decision to transfer the usage right.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman