BuLENT – Ruling gang’s lies vs. bitter facts

Ruling gang’s lies vs. bitter factsTurkeyand#39s problems are not being solved.

Or those in charge pretend to solve them, completely ignore them or opt for perception management via a powerful media network and unprincipled organic intellectuals at their disposal instead of trying to tackle them Democratic deterioration, the regression in fundamental rights and freedoms, the big collapse in our foreign policy, the widespread crisis in our economy, the decadence in the legal and judicial sphere and the gangrenization of the problems in education and social life have been cast aside. The small oligarchic gang of ruling elites who care about nothing but their own personal careers and prosperity have long abandoned the management mentality of addressing the countryand#39s pressing problems.

The ruling gang that has long stopped governing Turkey and started focusing on its plans to dominate the country to further its personal ambitions has been exhibiting a historic performance in perception management. Forget facts and the truth, 80 million people are being made fools with a systematic, coordinated and uninterrupted flow of media lies.

The ruling gang that does not care about democracy, fundamental rights and freedoms or good governance within the scope of rule of law is, we must admit, extremely successful in perception management. Lies, forgery, distortion and slander constitute the bulk of their firepower in this task.

Reasons for restraints such as morality, ethnics, honor and dignity are given no room in their universe of values in using this firepower They are capable of creating such powerful perceptions that run counter to the bitter events and facts that millions of people whom they have bewitched and turned into slaves believe blind obedience to their master is the most virtuous skill.For instance, instead of apologizing and making embarrassed explanations for the hurried retreat from the Suleyman Iah tomb, which was the only Turkish territory outside its borders, they created the perception of a historic victory from this disgraceful defeat.

Is there any other example in history of how a ruling gang is able to depict a success story from the hasty retreat from a piece of homeland — which was recognized as Turkish property under international treaties — due to its incompetence?As for Turkeyand#39s image as a andquotstrong will,andquot andquotreat state,andquot andquotsuperpowerandquot and a andquotcountry envied by the worldandquot which is indoctrinated into the minds of Turkish people, I think they believe their lie would be more persuasive if it is conjured as large as possible. But the truth is entirely different.

Having dragged the country along with its voracious ambitions and turning it into an ordinary dictatorship, the ruling gang is making Turkey experience its greatest isolation of all time. Because of this gang, Turkey has unfortunately become a country which is condemned and isolated by many countries and organizations.

If it is a success to make Turkey a country whose officials are not taken seriously and not given appointments by their international counterparts, as was the case during the prime ministerand#39s latest visit to the US, then they are successful. Hasnand#39t the Turkish president been refuted by his international counterparts countless times? Never before has Turkey seen such a period in which its prestige has plummeted and its ministers are not given appointments or face degrading treatment during their visits abroad.

Who should honor the members of a ruling party that is perceived as a mafia infamous for corruption, graft, theft, bribery, arbitrariness, unlawfulness and despotism?Of course, the ambitious members of the ruling mafia are not the only ones who are paying the price. The price the country is paying for this perversion is very high.

For instance, there are hard-to-recover-from damages in Turkeyand#39s ties with the European Union, NATO and the US. There were times in the past when Turkeyand#39s bilateral relations with these actors shifted from a values-centric approach to a geopolitical necessities-centric one, one might suggest.

But it should be noted that those periods were etched in history not as proud moments.This is the sad state of our relationship with the West.

But our ties with Eastern countries are no different as well. Although the ambitious ruling gang claims to be the boss or playmaker in the region, there is virtually no country in the Middle East with which Turkey can establish close ties.

With a one-man dictatorship and a mafia-like ruling gang at its helm, Turkey can no longer send an ambassador to several countries including Egypt, Syria, Libya, Israel and Yemen. Turkey is so incompetent that it is allowing Saudi Arabia and Qatar to shape its Middle East policies.

Unfortunately, Turkey has become an unreliable country that is excluded from all processes that will determine the fate of the developments in the region. The sins of those who have turned Turkey from a country which exported its stability into a treacherous and unreliable country are very great indeed! It is up to you to decide whether the shamelessly voiced turgid rhetoric is consistent with the terrible foreign policy — about which I have provided only a few examples.

What about the situation inside the country? Unfortunately, every day a new person, including even a 10-year-old child, is taken into custody on charges of insulting President Recep Tayyip ErdoIan, the father of the one-man dictatorship in Turkey. Newspapers and TV stations are raided by the police.

Media persons are jailed for practicing their profession or in connection with a soap opera script. Real journalists who persist in trying to do their job are dismissed one by one.

Then instead of meddling with these journalists one by one, certain entire media outlets are taken over by the government. Dissident journalists or intellectuals are threatened with death and targeted by a mob of vulgar people, encouraged by government circles, and they are exposed to character assassinations.

. And yet, seemingly mockingly, ErdoIan describes this vile picture as the andquotworldand#39s most free mediaandquotThis claim and the perception it seeks to create sounds great in theory, but the truth is a different story.

Last year, Freedom House listed the Turkeyand#39s media as falling in the category of andquotNot Free.andquot This year, it falsely designated it as andquotPartly Free.

andquot And as regards press freedom, Turkey was given the 149th slot in the Reporters Without Bordersand#39 (RSF) Press Freedom Index. Apparently, we should be grateful for moving up from last yearand#39s 153rd slot.

Each day Turkey does something deserving of condemnation by international democratic institutions and professional organizations in connection with the pressures and illegal acts it perpetrates against journalists. As the lucky journalists of a country whose press and expression freedom criteria has been lowered by its prime minister to the level of andquotYou are free if you can return home safe and sound,andquot we seemingly fail to appreciate the freedom he has bestowed on us through his grace!What about our economic successes? According to statements by ErdoIan and the ruling gang, who have hardly left any place unplundered, the Turkish economy is a perfect success story.

They say with the current performance, Turkey will become one of the worldand#39s 10 largest economies long before 2023. Being a great state and a superpower, Turkey deserves a great performance like this! Apparently, they themselves believe so readily in these terrible lies they tell to bewitch the public that in a great rush of self-confidence, some members of the ruling party started to scorn the Eurozone countries and attempted to teach them economics lessons.

For years, we had heard or read from the media outlets that the Turkish economy was growing while the world economy was in a recession. Our then-prime minister, intoxicated with success, had declared that andquotTurkey is the new source of employment for the unemployment issue in Europe,andquot and invited unemployed Europeans to Turkey.

Isnand#39t it a nice story?But what about the facts?In this perception management and propaganda program, there is a very serious problem called andquoteconomic facts.andquot The lira is at its lowest level yet against the US dollar, and this does not fit well into the extraordinary success story that is being put out there.

Likewise, the long-term borrowing interest rate has increased to more than 9 percent with a two-point rise in recent months, and this, too, makes our success story a bit controversial. As the real estate-centric economy starts to move in, the production-centric economy is sliding, and the countryand#39s exports performance does not seem to be going well.

Turkey has to boost its exports by 25 percent every year in order to reach its 2023 target of $500 billion in exports. But it only increases these exports 33 percent annually.

Moreover, the growth trend has stopped and decline has started.Although the government dreams of making Turkey the worldand#39s 10th biggest economy, Turkey has dropped to the 19th from the 17th slot.

A survey by Bloomberg designated Turkey the worldand#39s 9th worst-performing country in terms of unemployment and inflation. Moreover, Turkey is unable to control inflation as it has the tendency to go beyond 8 percent.

Whatand#39s worse, the poor manand#39s inflation that consists of the costs of food, accommodation, transportation and other items that affect the wider public is way higher than this official figure. The unemployment rate reaches two digits once again, but the rate of unemployed youths is as high as 30 percent.

The ruling gang likes to swagger by saying, andquotOur doors are open to Europeand#39s unemployed,andquot but they are unable to create jobs for their own unemployed youths.The failures in much-aertised mega-projects, the lack of any progress regarding the Fatih project that seeks to equip students with tablet computers over the last four years, the fiasco in the Kurdish settlement process, and the sad state of our education system and many more steps backward may be added to this list.

But I think that is enough. Unlike the ruling mafia that tests our patience with their lies, we should not test your patience with bitter facts.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman