Bugun TV trustee led protest at French consulate in Istanbul

Lawyer Handuseyin andOlandcer, one of the trustees appointed to the Bugandun daily after a recent government-led takeover, had previously led a rally protesting the imprisonment of his client Venezuelan criminal Carlos the Jackal, who is currently serving a life sentence in France.
Ilich Ramandiacuterez Sandaacutenchez, also known as Carlos the Jackal, is serving a life sentence for the 1975 murder of an informant for the French government and two French counter-intelligence agents.
Members of the Association of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed Peoples (MAZLUM-DER), a Turkish human rights organization, met in front of the French Consulate General in Istanbuland’s Beyoilu district in 2011 accompanied by andOlandcer to protest the conditions of Poissy Prison where Sandaacutenchez is being detained.
andOlandcer, who was recently appointed as a trustee to the Bugandun daily, delivered a press statement on behalf of the group. and”Sanchez was delivered to France by an illegal operation by the CIA, Mossad and the French secret service,and” he said. and”He is being held illegally in French dungeons for 17 years.and”
andOlandcer claimed Sandaacutenchez was being subjected to torture with the and”knowledge of the French government.and” The group of 20 protesters accompanying andOlandcer shouted the slogan, and”Torturer [Nicolas] Sarkozy will be held to account.and”
In a 2011 speech in Istanbul in defense of Sandaacutenchez, andOlandcer described him as a and”symbol of the honorable struggle against imperialism and Zionism.and” He and other lawyers say the Venezuelan convict is subject to maltreatment in the French prison he is in.
h2 andOlandcer also represents iBDA-C leader Mirzabeyoiluh2 andOlandcer had earlier represented Salih Mirzabeyoilu, the leader of the terrorist iBDA-C group. Mirzabeyoilu, whose real name is Salih izzet Erdii, was captured on Dec. 31, 1998, and sentenced to death in April 2001 for andquotattempting to overthrow Turkeyand’s secular state by forceandquot but was released in 2014 after serving 16 years following a retrial.
The IBDA-C, which is listed as a terrorist organization by the EU, claimed responsibility for the 2003 Istanbul bombings in which four truck bomb attacks left 57 people dead and 700 wounded.
In a 2014 interview with the Islamist Baran magazine which has a close ideological affiliation with iBDA, andOlandcer said Mirzabeyoilu and”is a person who elicits respect thorough his stance against the regime, the government and the state.
During a protest for the release of Mirzabeyoilu in front of the Bolu F Type prison in May 2013, andOlandcer slammed the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and the police for breaking up the protest.
and”As if you [AK Party] ever had anything to do with Mirzabeyoilu, Islam, [against] oppression, [or being together] with the oppressed. Win the tenders take the money and the [high ranking positions]. Pray and fast,and” he wrote in a tweet after the police broke up the protest.
h2 Magazine condoning Charlie Hebdo lauds trustee appointed to Bugandunh2 An Internet-based magazine that has articles condoning the attacks against the Charlie Hebdo magazine and the slashing of the face of the US ambassador to South Korea has published an article promoting Hasan andOlandcer, who was appointed as a trustee of the Bugandun daily after a government-led takeover, as a person with an andquotunderstanding of justice.andquot
Adimlar Dergisi, an online and print magazine that does not hide its affinity for Islamist jihadists in its articles, has published articles like the one titled and”We are all Kouachi,and” a reference to the slogan and”Je Suis Charlieand” (We are all Charlie) that was made in solidarity with those killed in the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January.
On Jan. 7, two French brothers of Algerian descent, Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi, forced their way into the office of satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo in Paris and killed 11 staff members and a police officer. It was the biggest terrorist attack in France in several years.
Another article on the Adimlar Dergisi website shows the bleeding face of Mark Lippert, the US ambassador to South Korea, after he was slashed by a Korean nationalist in March. The title of the article aiming to draw a comparison between US foreign policy and Lippert states, and”Those who divide will be divided.and”
Lippert required 80 stitches to his face.
However an article on the Adimlar Dergisi website on Friday said andOlandcer was appointed to the post of trustee because of his and”understanding of justice, his honesty and because he is known as somebody who does not break trust.andquot
and”Everyone who knows him, knows of these qualities,and” the article added.
andOlandcer was appointed to oversee the management of three companies of Koza ipek Holding which operates in the food, construction, mining and media sectors. The trustee board will take over the administration of 22 companies, including four media outlets that are known for their critical views of the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
andOlandcer told the Handurriyet daily recently he had been given a and”delicateand” job, but declined to comment when asked if the trustee board will sack the current managers of the Koza ipek companies.
and”When he [andOlandcer] takes on the position of trustee at the companies he was entrusted with and shows his qualities, then you [critics] too will understand,and” the article in the magazine, known to have close ties to the militant Islamic Great East Raiders Front (iBDA-C) group, concluded.