Brussels hosts symposium titled ‘Models of tolerance and coexistence: Azerbaijani example for new Europe’

Baku: Organized by Azerbaijan’s State Committee on Work with Religious Organizations, the international symposium titled “Models of tolerance and coexistence: Azerbaijani example for new Europe” was held in Brussels on Nov.30.

Torbjørn Frøysnes, head of the CoE Office in Brussels, in his speech spoke about the actuality of the conference, saying that although more than two hundred international conventions and legal norms have been adopted since the CoE’s establishment, there remain serious problems in their operating, the committee told APA.

Sayyad Salahli, the committee’s first deputy chairman, in his turn talked about traditions of tolerance developed and prevalent in Azerbaijan, peaceful coexistence of varying religions and nations in the country, lack of religious and ethnic discrimination, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia in Azerbaijan, state-religion relationship as well as state policy aiming to preserve and further strengthen the existing traditions of tolerance in Azerbaijan.

President of the CoE North-South Centre Jean-Marie Heydt stressed the necessity of looking for new alternative models for Europe to get rid of current problems.

The symposium went on with panels.

Milikh Yevdayev noted in his speech that unlike in Europe, Jews have never faced anti-Semitism in Azerbaijan and that adherents of other religions have lived in a state of brotherhood and mutual respect in Azerbaijan for centuries.

Mefodiy Afandiyev in his turn said mentioned the fact that the Orthodox Church has been restored by Azerbaijani Muslims, noting that this is quite a unique case in the world.

At the end of the symposium, participants noted the possibility and necessity of applying Azerbaijan’s unique model of tolerance in other countries as well.