Brother of jailed PKK leader travels to ImralI Island to meet with him

BURSA (CIHAN)- Jailed terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) leader Abdullah calan’s younger brother Mehmet calan departed to ImralI Island from western province of Bursa on Monday to visit PKK leader.

Mehmet calan and some family members of other prisoners who are being kept with PKK leader in ImralI prison, came to Gemlik Gendarmerie Command in Bursa to travel to the island. After procedures were completed, calan and others left the command by mini-vans towards to the port, from where they will set off to the ImralI island by a boat.

Speaking to press members, Mehmet calan complained about not being allowed by authorities to visit his brother regularly.

“Our legal right allows us to visit the Island once in every 15 days. Although we have been applying for the visit for two months, the government didn’t reply to our request positively by giving various pretexts,” Abdullah calan’s brother added.

Upon journalists’ questions asking the agenda of the visit, Mehmet calan answered that he is not going to the Island with a special agenda as it is a regular family visit. However he added that most probably they will discuss everything including the situation in Rojava region of northern Syria, where Kurdish population is predominant.