British Embassy in Azerbaijan opens Visa Application Centre

Baku: Anakhanum Hidayatova; Baku has today hosted the opening ceremony of Visa Application Centre of the British Embassy in Azerbaijan, APA reports.

Delivering a speech at the ceremony, British Ambassador to Azerbaijan Irfan Siddiq said that the centre was established to ensure easier and more convenient travel to Britain for the Azerbaijani citizens.

He said that there are some misunderstandings on this issue: “Some people say that the embassy is closed, they can’t obtain a visa, it will be necessary to go to another country. However, it is not true. Visa procedure was not changed. You will just come to this office, instead of the embassy. Submission of documents was facilitated in this centre. This office accepts more documents compared to the Embassy. The new centre was established to render better quality services to the Azerbaijani citizens.”

Siddiq said that the British government wants the services to be rendered quickly to Azerbaijani citizens and everyone who wants to visit Britain: “There were special days for the document submission in the Embassy. Now, the citizens can submit their documents when they want.”

Diplomat said that one should submit his/her documents earlier to obtain a visa quickly. A visa is issued within 15 days: “We want more people to travel to Britain from Azerbaijan. Nothing was changed, visa issuance was facilitated and it is the next step for the strengthening of relations between people.”