Brawl erupts after HDP meeting in Kirsehir, police uses teargas

KIRSEHIR: Turkish police used tear gas when a brawl erupted just after the People’s Democracy Party (HDP) Co-Chairman Selahattin Demirtas’s election rally, held in central Turkish province of Kirsehir on Thursday.

Before the HDP’s planned election rally in Kirsehir’s Cacabey Square, a group of people from Alperen Ocaklari and Ulku Ocaklari(Grey Wolves) gathered around the square. During the rally people tried to keep the group out of the square.

Soon after the completion of the meeting, along with the Province Chairman of Alperen Ocaklari Ercan Zengin and Grand Unity Party Province Chairman Tarik Aykanat, group started to walk out to the HDP provincial office building but when they approached the building, police intervened and used tear gas to disperse the protesting group.

After police intervention, dispersed group met with the Grey Wolves at the entrance of the Terme Street and tried to burn the HDP flags but again dispersed by the police intervention.

Although no protesters were taken into custody, the tension is still high in the region.