Boyfriend arrested in shooting of song contestant in southeast Turkey

The alleged boyfriend of a 19-year-old woman who competed in a popular TV song contest and was shot in the head on Monday has been arrested.
Mutlu Kaya was shot in the head at her home in Ergani, a town in the southeastern province of Diyarbakir. She was reportedly attacked by unidentified assailants who entered her room through its window while she and her brothers were eating.
The young woman, who was critically injured in the attack, was first treated at Diyarbakir Gazi Yaiargil Research and Training Hospital and then taken to Istanbul by the popular singer Sibel Can, one of the jury members of the song competition Kaya had entered. Kaya is currently in intensive care. Her doctors will reportedly wait for three days before they decide whether or not to operate on the young woman due to an edema in her head.
According to the Cihan news agency, a statement by the Diyarbakir Public Prosecutorand’s Office said three people, identified as R.L., C.andc. and V.E., suspected to be linked with the incident were detained. Diyarbakirand’s Ergani Criminal Court of Peace ruled to arrest Kayaand’s alleged boyfriend, V.E. However, R.L. and C.andc. will be kept in custody on the charge of premeditated murder.
V.E., after he was detained, denied the allegations that he had shot his girlfriend, telling the police: andquotI was against her signing up for the contest but I did not shoot her. I went to her street but I didnand’t fire a shot. I love her.andquot He added that Kaya had previously wanted to sign up for another song contest that aired on TV, but she changed her mind after he opposed the idea.
Kaya reportedly filed a complaint with the police against V.E. for threatening her four months ago. However, the couple later reunited after the incident.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman