Boston knifeman had talked of attacking cops

A knife-wielding man killed by the terror investigators who had him under surveillance was confronted because he had bought knives and talked of an imminent attack on and”boys in blue,and” the FBI said on Wednesday.
Usaama Rahim plotted for at least a week to attack police, the FBI said in a complaint against a family member who was arrested on Tuesday, the day Rahim was shot to death. On Wednesday, the relative, David Wright, was ordered held on a charge of conspiracy with intent to obstruct a federal investigation. The FBI said Rahim, who had previously discussed beheadings, bought three fighting knives and a sharpener on or before May 26 and he told Wright on Tuesday he would begin trying to randomly kill police officers.
An anti-terror task force of FBI agents and Boston police, faced with an imminent threat, confronted Rahim on a sidewalk and fatally shot him when he refused to drop his knife, authorities said. An affidavit written by an FBI agent assigned to Bostonand’s Joint Terrorism Task Force refers to a recorded conversation between Rahim and Wright in which Wright made a comparison to and”thinking with your head on your chest.and” The FBI said that was a reference to ISIL propaganda videos showing severed heads on the chests of beheading victims.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman