Borsa Istanbul world’s hottest stock market in March

Borsa Istanbul (BİST), Turkey’s stock exchange, earned the distinction of being the world’s best-performing stock market in March, according to World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) data published on Monday.

March saw BİST rise to 69,739.34 points, 11.5 percent up from February. Following BİST in second and third place on the list were Colombia SE and the Dubai Financial Market, rising 10.4 and 7.8 percent to hit 1,083.07 and 4,551 points, respectively, according to the WFE.

The worst-performing stock market last month was Cyprus SE, which took a 15 percent loss, falling to 118.37 points.

The second- and third-worst performing stock markets were Lima SE and Malta SE, reporting losses of 7.4 and 5.6 percent, respectively.

BİST, which was created when the Istanbul Stock Exchange (İMKB) and Turkish Derivatives Exchange (VOB) merged last year, began operating in April 2013.