Body of Japanese engineer sent to his country

YALOVA: Body of the Japanese engineer who committed suicide on Turkey claiming responsibility for a technical accident in a bridge construction in western Turkey, was sent back to his home-country Japan after a brief farewell ceremony at the construction site.

The coffin of slain Japanese engineer 51-year-old Kishi Ryoichi sent to Istanbul’s Ataturk airport by a ferry from western Yalova province. The ceremony at the construction site held closed to the press upon the request of Japanese representatives.

Engineer Kishi Ryoichi committed suicide after a cable snapped on a bridge currently under construction over the Gulf of Izmit on Monday. According to autopsy reports, 51-year-old Kishi Ryoichi slashed his wrists and then cut his own throat. His body was found at the entrance to a cemetery in the Altinova district of Yalova province. Ryoichi reportedly left a note saying he felt responsible for the accident.