Blog of Brazilian caricaturist Latuff who drew Erdogan blocked

Latuff first entered the spotlight in Turkey with his caricatures depicting the police brutality in the Gezi Park protests of 2013.

The Gezi Park protests, the largest in the nation’s history, erupted in the summer of 2013 over government plans to destroy a park located in the Taksim district of İstanbul and build Ottoman-style military barracks in its place. The protest then spread across the nation and attracted worldwide media coverage and elicited criticism from many of Turkey’s Western allies including the US and the EU.

Latuff also made waves when he depicted miners from the Soma mine, which collapsed in May 2014 killing 301 miners, kicking President Erdogan. The cartoon was a reference to the incident when Erdogan’s aide Yusuf Yerkel was caught on camera kicking a mourning family member of one of the dead miners as security forces held the man down.