Biannual fashion fair boosts Turkish clothing sector

The biannual Dosso Dossi Fashion Show Fair, which came to an end on Monday in Antalya, is expected to bring in $50 million in sales of Turkish-made clothing in under a weekand’s time, according to Dosso Dossi Board Chairman Hikmet Eraslan, who spoke at a press conference in Antalya last week.
Eraslan said that thousands of foreign retailers, primarily from Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries, attended the fair and are expected to have purchased Turkish-made products at the wholesale level.
and”Today we are selling products from 150 firms, mostly to boutique owners, from 32 countries. We are the biggest fair in Turkey. In a period of major global uncertainties, we are forming a bridge of security between producer and buyer,and” said Eraslan. The fair started a decade ago with 11 firms and 45 buyers and has ballooned in popularity since. Turkish textile products are particularly popular in Russia and other post-Soviet countries that lack sectors of their own.
Eraslan and Dosso Dossi are the only players in this game, as he successfully won the legal right to be the only purveyor of this particular business model that links local producers and foreign buyers within the context of a weeklong fashion fair.
The highlight of this yearand’s fair was a runway show featuring Kendall Jenner, the younger sister of Kim Kardashian, who has become a successful model in her own right with tens of millions of followers on Twitter and Instagram. Eraslan emphasized the importance of Jennerand’s visit within the greater context of promoting Turkey on a global scale, saying that international awareness of Turkeyand’s vibrant clothing sector remains insufficient.
All of the products sold at the fair were made in Turkey by mostly Istanbul-based clothing companies and sold exclusively on a wholesale basis. The event breathes life into the sector and ensures the employment of over 30,000 people, said Eraslan.
Although he said that the fair grows by 20-30 percent every year and is expected to bring in 20,000 buyers within five years, Eraslan said that state support, which currently is nonexistent, could go a long way. and”Funds could be set aside for our promotional budget. If we received support from the state, we could bring the world to Antalya,and” he said.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman