BERK – Construction ban for summer season

Construction ban for summer season Climate change is driving our seasons mad.A summer day can become an autumn day in hours and you can have a perfect “end of summer” day in December Climate change has also affected tourism, as now the seasons for tourism are becoming longer, covering almost all year, especially in some parts of Turkey.

The state is taking measures in order to avoid disturbing both domestic and international tourists. The most effective of these measures is a construction ban effective from May 15 to Oct.

15.Bans on construction are regulated via notices published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism every year The ministry sends these notices to provincial directorates, which publish them on their websites.

Local authorities are in charge of publishing this regulation on their websites and bulletin boards, and are also tasked with ensuring that people comply with this regulation.According to the current circular, construction is banned to avoid having unattractive construction sites and prevent noise pollution between the dates of May 15 and Oct.

15, 2014. The dates never change but the communiqué is released every year Between these dates, construction is banned in residential areas.

According to the notice (No. 201405), this year, each of the country’s 81 provinces received the message.

Last year, the communiqué was sent only to the provinces of Ankara, Antalya, AydIn, Aksaray, AdIyaman, BalIkesir, Bursa, Denizli, Kocaeli, MuIla, Mersin, NevIehir, Izmir, Istanbul and YalovaIn other words, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism expanded the coverage area of the construction ban and now all cities are within the scope of the construction ban.In the local authority system, Culture and Tourism Provincial Directorates are affiliated with the governorates.

Therefore, complaints regarding this issue can be made to the governorates or to the district governorates (kaymakamlIk). For instance, Bodrum is a district (ile) of MuIla province.

If you have a problem with an ongoing construction project in your city, for example, in Bodrum, you can make a complaint directly to the district governorate. I would suggest that you make this complaint in writing and sending it by registered mail so you have a receipt.

One final note: For those who have a summer house, the best time to do renovations may be during the summer because that is when they are there. Before you make a complaint about your neighbor, please think twice or consult with the neighbor to find a solution.

The construction ban may become an issue that affects your relations with neighbors. Sometimes it is good to be patient, especially if the construction is only a small repair project.

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SOURCE: Today’s Zaman