BEHRAM – Necati: Can’t relive 2011-12 title for yet another 100 years

Necati: Can’t relive 2011-12 title for yet another 100 yearsThe Spor Toto Super League is more meaningful and exciting this season for both Fenerbahe and Galatasaray than it has been for a while, with both teams chasing after the championship harder than they have ever before in hopes of being the first team to pick up its fourth starAnd in light of this, all eyes are on KadIky on Sunday, where the excitement looks set to peak, just as it did in the 2011-2012 season Super Final match, where the match between the two great rivals ended 1-0, with Galatasaray walking away with the championship by the skin of its teeth. It was very close had Fenerbahe won that day, it would have been champion.

One of the main actors in that dayand#39s historic match was player Necati AteI, who today plays for Kayseri Erciyesspor We recently had the opportunity to speak with Necati not only about that memorable match but about his successful career in general.Originally from Izmir, Necati began his football days with the Izmir Altay team, playing during the same season not only on an amateur team but also for the Youth A team as well as the PAF and the A teams.

Necati is an unusual player not only can he play right behind the striker position, sometimes he takes the left forward position and at other times the right forward position. He labels himself a forward mid-field player, saying, andldquoIand#39m neither number 11 nor 9andhellip Iand#39m more like 95andrdquoHe does not like losing.

He believes it is because he has managed to keep that hunger for victories alive that he is where he is today in football. Necati began playing in the Division One league when he was just 16-17 years old, and he asserts that money has never been his prime motivator in this career He has scored 140 goals over the course of his Super League career In fact, he stands among the top 10 goal scoring football players in Turkish football history.

Necati happyLooking back over his career makes Necati happy, though itand#39s not necessarily enough for him andldquoWhy shouldnand#39t I have more successes since I am still playing?andrdquoandldquoAs a player who has experienced championships, I donand#39t like the experience of falling to the ground,andrdquo he adds.Commenting on his current team, Kayseri Erciyesspor, Necati believes the arrival of Mehmet zdilek heralds good days ahead for the teamThough Necati played on the Izmir Altay team until 2002, he later wore the Adanaspor team jersey for three years between 2002 and 2004.

Attracting attention for the 34 goals he scored during matches playing for Altay, Necati then headed to Adanaspor, not wanting to disappoint RIan Dilmen, who had arranged this move, and it was at Adanaspor where he played superior football. In fact, it was this stage of playing that opened the doors to a position with Galatasaray for himDespite offers from both Fenerbahe and BeIiktaI for the 2004-2005 football season, Necati accepted an offer from Galatasaray, which he says was influenced by the fact that Fatih Terim was there and the teamand#39s success in Europe in general.

andldquoI felt like a true Galatasarayer after putting on the jersey. Everywhere I go, even today, I receive love and respect because of my days on that teamandrdquoFor Necati, the transfer to Galatasaray was the first in his football life.

During his first time on Galatasaray, he wore the red-and-yellow uniform for three seasons. His departure from the team was marked by an incident.

During the 2007-08 season, Karl Heinz Feldkamp was the coach. At the time, Brazilian player Cassio Lincoln had transferred to the team Necati explains: andldquoI didnand#39t have any problem with Feldkamp.

And he was not someone who knew me very well. In fact, at the time, I had some personal problems with Adnan Polat.

The management wanted to get rid of me. And I had made some mistakes, so I wound up leaving the teamandrdquoWe asked whether his departure from Galatasaray at that point had anything at all to do with the new transfer, the number 10-wearing Lincoln from Brazil.

andldquoYes,andrdquo Necati says, adding, andldquoHis arrival influenced me.andrdquo He believes he was mistreated in that situation, since he was the player wearing the number 10 jersey when Lincoln arrived at the club.

He recalls that no one actually spoke to him about this.andldquoHad they only asked, there would have been no problem It was the now-departed zhan CanaydIn who had given me that uniform And though I told him: andlsquoBut some very great foreign players come to Galatasaray.

This is a special number Players like Metin Oktay and Hagi have worn this number,and#39 he said to me: andlsquoI know. And after this, Necati AteI will wear this.

You are a very special player for this teamand#39 Thatand#39s how I came to wear the number 10 jersey.andrdquoAfter leaving Galatasaray, Necati wore the uniforms of Ankaraspor, Istanbul BuyukIehir Belediyespor and even Real Sociedad.

His one-year experience in Spain taught him just how beautiful a game football could be. After Spain, Necatiand#39s next stop was Antalyaspor Here, he played the 2009-2011 seasons.

andldquoWhen I arrived at Antalya, I was actually at quite a low point. When Mehmet zdilek showed me just how much he believed in me, it gave me a fantastic boost,andrdquo he recalls.

At the time, coach Gheorge Hagi had arrived at Galatasarayand#39s helm He pushed for Necati, but the transfer never happened. Later, Terim also stepped forward to try and acquire Necati.

And so it was that Necati came to Galatasaray during the break in the 2011-2012 season.It was also how he personally experienced the historic match between Fenerbahe and Galatasaray during the Super Final match at KadIky that season.

andldquoalatasaray has experienced so many championships, so many successes. It has received so many trophies.

But I donand#39t think any trophy can be as valuable for the team as the one that was lifted up and shouldered at KadIky. I say this as a player that contributed to that match.

It was the most valuable championship in Galatasarayand#39s history, and after the UEFA Cup, it was certainly the most valuable trophy ever for Galatasaray,andrdquo he says.That day, Necati stayed with the entire Galatasaray convoy at KadIky before and after the match, perhaps for some seven to eight hours.

But looking back, he says: andldquoIt was eight hours, but it felt like just seven to eight minutes. The celebration of that victory under the lights, on the grass of the field of such a great team the pleasure we got from that match was the kind that no other victory could ever give you.

And it is possible that we might not see such a championship for another 100 years. So I am really honored to have been a part of that slice in time.

andrdquoAfter that championship, Necati transferred to EskiIehirspor In fact, he left Galatasaray on his own initiative, adding: andldquoYou donand#39t just have to leave somewhere when you are no longer wanted. You should also be able to leave when you are still loved and appreciated by the people.

One should not wait to be asked to leave.andrdquoHe says the reason he didnand#39t head for teams like Trabzonspor or BeIiktaI, both of which tried to acquire him, is because he wishes to be remembered later as andldquoalatasarayand#39s Necati.

andrdquoThere was a possibility at the start of this season that Necati was going to enter into his third Galatasaray period, but it didnand#39t happen. andldquoWe actually agreed on everything.

Let me just say andlsquoit didnand#39t work outand#39 and not insult anyone,andrdquo he says.In the meantime, Necati asserts that his former team has a good chance for the championship this season with Hamza HamzaoIlu.

He believes it is too early to weigh in on the andldquo14 foreigners ruleandrdquo and its aantages or disaantages. He also notes that he thinks it is better to have played on many teams than to have stuck on just one.

Necati says the pressure, mentality, figures and fans that come with playing with one of the big teams cannot be found in Anatolia andldquoWhen you are playing in Anatolia, you do a lot to be able to go to a big team But if and when you actually make it to a big team, you need to work even more to be able to stay on it.andrdquoNecati plans to play football until he is about 38, and will then try to become a coach.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman