BDP leader says he won’t consider co-chairmanship anymore

ISTANBUL (CIHAN)- Pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP)o-chairman Selahattin DemirtaI told press on Friday that he is no longer considering co-chairmanship in his political career.

It was unclear whether the BDP co-chair means to formally resign from his post following the statement.

DemirtaI’s statement came after his party decided that all its deputies should enroll in its recently created sister party, the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP).

In a meeting held last week at the BDP headquarters in Ankara, the two parties also formally merged, although the BDP the will continue to exist with BDP mayors continuing to serve under the party’s banner.

The HDP’s less hardline pro-Kurdish stance will seemingly serve to appease fears in the Turkish public about Kurds separating from Turkey, a goal for which the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fought for nearly 30 years until the end of 2012 when the government launched — with imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan — a settlement process to resolve the country’s Kurdish issue and terrorism problem. (CihanToday’s Zaman)