BBP leader says president’s power should be restricted

Mustafa Destici, the leader of the Grand Unity Party (BBP), which formed a coalition with the Felicity Party (SP) for the June 7 parliamentary election, has said the power of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should be restricted.
According to the Supreme Election Boardand’s (YSK) semi-official election results, the coalition between the SP and the BBP could only secure 2.06 percent of the vote, failing to surpass the 10 percent election threshold. While the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) secured the most votes, it did not obtain enough to establish a single-party government.
Holding a press conference to evaluate Sundayand’s election results in Ankara on Thursday, Destici said that an effective coalition government is not possible under the current conditions in Turkey. and”A concerted coalition does not seem possible. The desperation of the ruling AK Party will be used by the opposition parties. The main condition being put forward by the CHP [main opposition Republican Peopleand’s Party] and MHP [Nationalist Movement Party] to establish a coalition is to restrict the power of the president. I also agree with this,and” said Destici.
Criticizing Erdogan for holding election rallies ahead of the election despite Article 103 of the Constitution, Destici said that his acts were against the Constitution, ethics and the law, adding that Erdogan must have only the same power that other presidents of parliamentary systems in Europe have.
Article 103, which describes the presidential oath, authority and duties, clearly states that the president must assure the public that he will remain impartial while performing his duties.
Destici also urged that early elections be held in September in lieu of the establishment of an ineffective coalition government.
The AK Party received 40.87 percent of the vote, while the CHP and MHP received 24.95 percent and 16.29 percent, respectively. The pro-Kurdish Peopleand’s Democratic Party (HDP) received 13.12 percent of the vote.