Baku to learn further about 3D print

By: Nigar Orujova

Architecture is one of the areas where three-dimensional printing is actively used.

The technology allows creating simple and complex layouts with the necessary infrastructure. The process of three-dimensional printing takes very little time from several minutes to several hours, which is much faster than the manual design.

3D-modeling has become so popular that the manual creation of models evolved from a craft into an expensive art.

For example, a giant printer of this kind was used to create a group of buildings with the size of 200 square meters and the cost $4,800 in Shanghai in the spring of 2014.

Moreover, Brazilian company TriDom is going to use 3D-printers to resolve the world’s problem of a shortage of housing. The company wants to start from Sao Paulo and Rio bringing 3D-printers in local slums. The printer will build multi-level mixed-use buildings, with business offices and shops on the first two floors, and apartments on the third.

The list of major advantages of 3D-printing include rapid results, low cost of production, color printing, quality of the layout and availability and simplicity of the technology.

Now Baku is going to get acquainted with the technology of 3D-printing and scanning, see where it is applicable, hear useful information about this technology from the developers, business owners, and experts at the first and only conference 3D Print Conference Baku on February 12.

In addition, the conference will also discuss about perspectives of the 3D printing in medicine, food industry and education.