Baku stage of IFSC Climbing World Cup ends successfully

By: Nigar Orujova

Baku has hosted IFSC Climbing World Cup 2014 attended by 150 athletes from 22 countries.

The International Federation of Sport Climbing World Cup was held near the National Flag Square on May 3-4.

The world cup was jointly organized by Azerbaijan Air and Extreme Sports Federation and IFSC.

During the tournament which was the second event of this kind since the last year in Azerbaijani capital, athletes competed in bouldering and speed disciplines. Azerbaijan was represented by ten athletes at the event.

Ukrainian Danilo Boldyrev became the winner in men speed discipline between and Russian Maria Krasavina won the gold medal in women speed discipline.

In bouldering, gold medals went to Russian Dmitry Sharafutdinov and Austrian Anna Stohr.

Graeme Alderson, IFSC representative, said the World Cup in Baku was held at the highest level.

Seven stages of the speed discipline are scheduled in the framework of the World Cup 2014. One of them has already taken place in Chongqing ,China.

After the Baku stage, the competition will be held in Chinese Haiyang on June 20-22, in French Chamonix on July 10-12, in Italian Arco on August 30-31, Mokpo in the Republic of Korea on October 11-12 and finally in Chinese Wujiang on October 18-19.

The bouldering tournament will see eight stages this year. After the cups in Chongqing and Baku, the stages will be held in Grindelwald, Switzerland, on May 10-11, Innsbruck, Austria, on May 16-17, Toronto, Canada, on May 31-June 1, Vail, the US on June 6-7, Haiyang, China, on June 20-22 and Laval, France, on June 27-28.

Sport climbing is a form of rock climbing that relies on permanent anchors fixed to the rock, and possibly bolts, for protection. In traditional climbing, the rock is typically devoid of fixed anchors and bolts, and climbers must use removable protection as they climb.

Since the need in protection is essentially eliminated, sport climbing puts great emphasis on gymnastic-like ability, strength, and endurance.

National championships on sport climbing have been regularly held in Azerbaijan since 2009. Local and foreign athletes usually take part in the competitions.