Baku slams politicization of human rights issue

By: Sara Rajabova

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry has criticized some countries for using human rights as a political tool.

Khalaf Khalafov, Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan said using human rights for political purposes undermines public confidence in the success of institutions dealing with the protection of these rights.

He made the remarks at an international conference named “Protecting the rights of women and children, exposed to drug addiction, in the family and society” held on December 8.

Khalafov noted that Azerbaijan has achieved great success in the sphere of protection of human rights.

“Some people treat it positively, others, critically. There may be some shortcomings in this area. The main issue is that a firm basis has been created for resolving these problems thanks to the policy implemented by Azerbaijan in this field,” he said.

Khalafov went on to say that there are criticisms about the situation of human rights in Azerbaijan, and some people want to take advantage of this situation as a means of pressure on the country in the international arena.

He added that recently, a number of international organizations have been critical of the situation in the field of human rights in Azerbaijan.

“But human rights should be dealt with as a humanitarian issue rather than a political one. Using human rights for political purposes doesn’t serve useful purposes and undermines faith in the success of institutions these rights protected by,” Khalafov said.