Baku Museum presents miniature edition of “Blue Book”

By: Amina Nazarli

The Baku Museum of Miniature Books has presented the miniature edition of “Blue Book” by Venezuelan Hugo Chávez.

Addressing the ceremony the founder of the Miniature Books Museum, Chairperson of the Republican “Kitab” Society Board, Zarifa Salahova gave information about the book.

She noted that the book of 48х55 mm in size consists of 265 pages. There are 26 color photos in the tiny book. The fly-leaf of the book features the flag and the map of Venezuela.

The “Blue book” published by the Miniature Books Museum with assistance of the Venezuelan embassy in Cuba in circulation of 100 copies at the Indigo Printing House.

The first secretary of the Venezuelan embassy in Iran, Jaime Rondon, emphasized the importance of the book in rapprochement of the two peoples.

The famous journalist, Elmira Aliyeva, and the prominent writer-publicist, MP Elmira Akhundova highly appreciated value of the book, and also close cooperation of the Miniature Books Museum the with the embassies of various countries.

Baku Museum of Miniature Books is the only museum of miniature books in the world, settled in the old part of Baku, called Icherisheher.

It started to operate on April 2, 2002. Exhibits in the museum were collected by Zarifa Salahov over the period of 30 years. Her collection consists of more than 6500 books from 64 different countries. The museum was opened to public viewing with the hope of promoting childhood literacy.

There are books in the exposition from several countries including Moldavia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus and from the republics of Middle Asia and Europe. There are many rare editions including those of Chukovsky, Barto, Gogol, Dostoyevsky, and works of Pushkin.

Miniature books of the famous Azerbaijani classics, such as Vagif, Khurshidbanu Natavan, Nizami Ganjavi, Nasimi, Fizuli, Samed Vurgun, Mirza Fatali Akhundov and others are exhibited in the museum.

Other notable miniatures in this collection include a 17th-century copy of the Quran a 13th-century book published by Peter Schoffer (successor to Johannes Gutenberg), and the three smallest books in the world measuring 2mm x 2mm that can only be read with the use of a magnifying glass.