Baku mayor: Reconstruction work likely to start soon in burnt building

Baku: Baku mayor Hajibala Abutalibov met Wednesday with the residents of the building that hit by fire on May 19. Abutalibov said that the state will create conditions for the families of deceased where they want and meet all funeral costs.

He noted that the burnt building will be examined by the Ministry of Emergency Situations today and tomorrow.

“If Ministry of Emergency Situations states that the building’s sustainability is at high level, reconstruction work can be started soon – from Saturday. Reconstruction work will be completed within two-three months. Otherwise, the building will be demolished and new one will be built according to the decision of the Ministry. However, as I know it’s a monolithic building with firm sustainability. If the new building is built, people having an apartment of 50 sq meters will be provided with 70 sq meters apartments.”

He said that residents we resettled at pensions and cottages from yesterday: “Those rejecting to stay there will be paid funds to rent an apartment. “

Abutalibov stressed that the reasons of the fire will be revealed till tomorrow evening. “We will be able to say anything in particular after the result of the investigation.”