Baku hosts international conference “Armenian issue in modern Azerbaijani and Turkish literatures”

Baku: Javid Zeynalov; A two-day conference on “Armenian issue in modern Azerbaijani and Turkish literature” has kicked off at Azerbaijan Writers’ Union (AWU). The conference was organized by the Turkish Writers’ Union, Public Association for Support of Youth in Scientific Researches and Writers’ Union.

APA reports that AWU secretary Arif Amrahoglu said it is needed to prove that Armenian literature has always developed under the influence of the Azerbaijani and Turkish literatures: “There is no fact in the history of Azerbaijani literature that Armenian people have been insulted. Tolerance is one of the main features of the Azerbaijani literature. However, this tolerance is working against us”.

Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Ismail Alper Coskun noted that the historical facts should be brought to the world community not only via literature, but also via other means.

“Today, we witness falsification of history by Armenia and its Diaspora. As it was noted, we never had hate in our policy and literature against Armenia. We should reflect true of the history in the literature”.