Baku getting ready for major sport events

By: Nigar Orujova

Azerbaijan will build a number of sport facilities on the eve of the Islamic Solidarity Games 2017, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Ismayil Ismayilov said on October 29.

The types of sport facilities to be constructed are still unknown, he said, adding that this will depend on the decision of the Organizing Committee of the Islamic Solidarity Games.

The Deputy Minister did not rule out that competitions for additional sports could be held at the Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku.

“Competitions for additional sports can be held upon the proposal of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation. Additional sports require the construction of the relevant sports complexes. However, there will be not many of them, as Azerbaijan has enough number of sports facilities that meet all the standards and designed to host competitions in most sports,” said Ismayilov.

Baku hosted the major international sporting event- the First European Games- this June and attracted over 6,000 athletes from 50 countries to compete in 20 sports.

The country had prepared for the event in a record-breaking 2 years and now has the infrastructure to host future grand sport competitions.

However, Azerbaijan has already begun preparations to host another grand sporting event -the Islamic Solidarity Games.

The decision to hold the fourth Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku was made at the eighth elective general assembly of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in July 2013.

The Games, which will bring together athletes from 57 countries, will be held under the slogan “Solidarity is our power.”

Formula 1 heads for Baku

Touching upon the organization of Formula 1competitions, which will be held in Baku in 2016, Ismayil Ismayilov said the preparation for the competition runs at the highest level in accordance with all the requirements presented to Azerbaijan by the International Federation.

“Each federation, regardless of the sport, has its own specific requirements for competitions. I can say with full responsibility that Azerbaijan is ready to host the competition Formula 1. Any event held in Azerbaijan has always held on the highest level. Sport competitions held in Azerbaijan, which is more than 50, prove international structures’ confidence in us,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the Intelligent Transport Management Center of the Transport Ministry reported that asphalt on some roads would be updated in Baku due to the upcoming competition.

Preparation work for the world famous competition, that is expected to be held in the middle of July 2016, is in full swing in Baku.

The urban highway project in the center of Baku has been designed by Hermann Tilke’s architectural firm.

The competitions in Baku will be distinguished by their uniqueness, as the Azerbaijani capital, along with Monaco and Singapore, will each host a street circuit.

The Baku race will overlap Seaside Boulevard and make a circle around the Old City, a national historical and architectural preserve and the most ancient part of Baku.