Baku expects first snow

By: Amina Nazarli

Cold, strong wind and possibly snow expected in Azerbaijan on December 3.

The National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry reported that the first snow is going to fall in Вaku. As forecast says the citizens will see the first snow on December 3.

However, the snow will not cover the ground, and almost immediately will melt.

In Baku and Absheron Peninsula the north wind will intensify. The temperature will be 3 degrees C above zero during a day and 0 degrees C at night.

Sleet is expected in Azerbaijani regions, while in mountainous regions there will be snow. West wind will dominate.

The temperature in low-lying areas of the country will be 1-3 degrees C below zero at night and 3-8 degrees C above zero during a day. The coldest areas will be mountains, where the temperature will be 5-10 degrees C below zero, sometimes even 15 degrees C at night and 0-5 degrees C below zero during a day.

Such weather is not peculiar to December, as frosts come later in Azerbaijan.

Forecasters say that an unstable weather will dominate in Azerbaijan until December 4.