Baku 2015 torch visits Agstafa, Gazakh

By: Nigar Orujova

The Flame of Baku 2015 European Games has reached Agstafa and Gazakh as part of its journey around Azerbaijan. The Flame’s journey began on April 26 in Ateshgah temple and is set to last until June 12.

Located in the western region of Azerbaijan, Agstafa enjoys a moderate climate. The main river of the country, the Kura River, flows through the region. Garayazi nature reserve is located here, on the bank of the river. Agstafa is also home to the majestic Jandargel Lake.

Agstafa is a quiet town, with a cozy park in the center. Here, guests can enjoy delicious cuisine at one of the many restaurants or tea-houses. Some 20 kilometers from Agstafa, there is the picturesque spring of Galamcha, which is a lovely place for recreation.

The region has also many monuments to show: the settlement of bronze century Teyretepe in the village of Ashagi Geychali, artifacts made of bronze from the beginning of Iron Age can also be found in the settlement of Choban-dashi in the village of Dagkesemen.

Monuments like this are located around the region in a number of villages. Moreover, tourists should visit a tower of 17th century, a mosque of 19th century – in village of Girag Kesemen, mosques of 19th century – in villages of Kolkhalfeli, Garahasanli, Dagkesemen and others.

In picturesque Agstafa, the torch was taken by karate fighter Namig Hasanov. Then, 10 torch bearers brought the torch to the park Azerbaijan.

The last torchbearer, wrestler Neymet Ibrahimli raised the Flame to the stage erected in the park.

Residents were then shown a video of the ceremony of the lighting the torch of the first European Games in the temple of fire worshipers Ateshgah.

Next the Flame of Baku 2015 cheered the residents of Gazakh.

Gazakh which is famous for being home to many talented artists: poets, scientists, artists, and singers, has long been a cultural center in the region. Poets Molla Panakh Vagif, Vidadi, Samed Vurgun, Hussein Mehti were all born here. Here, tourists can also listen to singers ashugs in the village of Yukhari Salakhli.

In Gazakh guests will be delight in the architecture of the ancient mosque which still operates bath houses. In the city, there are several shady parks and museum with beautiful exhibitions.

The region is also enjoyable for recreational purposes with its rivers, meadows and forests. There are also a lot of architectural places to visit around the city.

Here, the torch was first taken by activist, Vusal Ismayilov, who was followed by 10 torchbearers. They brought the torch to the Heydar Aliyev park.

The last torchbearer, region’s activist Terhan Akhmedov raised the Flame on stage in the park.

The Journey of the Flame is bringing the spirit of Baku Games across Azerbaijan from April 26. In some 48 days, the spirit of Baku 2015 will inspire 60 regions across Azerbaijan, to finally arrive in the magnificent Baku National Stadium on June 12.

SOURCE: Azer News