Baku-2015 European Games main topic of discussion at government-opposition meeting

Baku: Over the past period, the Presidential Administration received from political parties a number of proposals on what to discuss at the meeting – but none of them serious enough to grasp the interests of all and to be a priority.

The only summarized serious proposal, which was made by the Azadlıq-2015 bloc, concerned the upcoming parliamentary elections, election reforms and the participation of political parties in the elections. Nevertheless, the government today is unprepared to confer such a proposal with political parties and deems it unnecessary to bring it up.

Ali Hasanov, the Assistant to the President on public-political affairs and Head of the public-political affairs Department at the Presidential Administration, made the remarks said Friday at the meeting of the Azerbaijani government and opposition party leaders.

Ali Hasanov outlined the Baku-2015 first European Games and domestic and foreign attitude toward it as the issue of the greatest interest to Azerbaijani society. “I think political institutions in our society should not step aside from discussing this issue, either,” he said.

Ali Hasanov also proposed at the meeting to put currents issues interesting political parties up for discussion, too.

“Political parties can propose concrete issues for discussion during the meeting. We propose current issues should be added to the agenda as second issues,” Ali Hasanov noted.