Baku 2015 athletes to be able to worship where they will be accommodated

Baku: During the first European Games in Baku, athletes and guests, irrespective of their religion, will be able to worship where they will be accommodated, Mubariz Gurbali, the chairman of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations, said on June 4.

Gurbanli said considering the impossibility of the participants’ visiting mosques (or church, synagogue) in terms of time, necessary conditions will be created for worship in their places of residence.

“This will apply to everyone regardless of their religion. However, tourists will be able to visit mosques, synagogues or churches as they have enough time,” he added.

Gurbanli addressed local clerics as well.

“We must show our high level tolerance to the visitors. For example, maybe a tourist is not a Muslim, but has an interest to visit a mosque. We must be tolerant in this respect,” he said.