Baku 2015: 100 days left

By: Nigar Orujova

Only 100 days to go before Baku’s historic European Games scheduled for June.

The inaugural sporting event will open in the newly-built brand Olympic Stadium in Baku on June 12. Through 17 days of competition, over 6,000 sportsmen will represent 50 countries in 20 sports.

Baku 2015 is going places with presentation in major European cities including Paris, Cannes, Berlin, Athens, Istanbul and others. The presentation is also expected in Rome soon.

At present, Baku is preparing to host athletes and tourists. Along with the construction and refurbishment of its sport facilities, the city itself is changing. By now, some 318 hotels have been licensed throughout the country.

The museums and historical sites are also getting ready. The Culture and Tourism Ministry plans to extend the opening hours of all tourists attractions.

Moreover, a number of theaters are expected to deliver performances in Russian and English languages, or include translations in their show performances in June.

A special edition of Baku Guide catalog will be also issued during the Games and distributed in the hotels of the capital city. Information kiosks will also function in the airports and Baku will provide visitors with detailed information.

Starting April 25, the torch relay ceremony of Baku 2015 will visit 51 cities of Azerbaijan.

The tickets for 21 stadia and facilities in Baku and Mingachevir city, where the games will take place, are planned to go on sale in March.

As of now, Baku is training volunteers and professionals to organize all outstanding event. Guests are welcomed to the Land of Fire to experience a series of unforgettable ceremonies this June. Toward this the country has spared no efforts.

SOURCE: Azer News