Baheli says ‘dark’ AK Party years should not be forgotten, urges settling of accounts first

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahandceli has said accounts should be settled with the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) for what it inherited after 13 years in power as his party is seen as the most possible coalition partner after Sundayandrsquos vote.
and”Any kind of position and title should not and will not suppress ideals, principles, statements and firm stances. Turkeyandrsquos dark toll of 13 years is obvious. Those responsible for this negative legacy should not forget making self-criticism before taking new steps. Can a compromise be possible before settling of accounts? If we forget the past while looking at the future, we would lose either our existence or dignity?and” Bahandceli said in comments he posted on Twitter on Wednesday night.
The AK Party founded more than a decade ago by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lost its parliamentary majority in weekend polls, ending more than a decade of single-party rule and dealing a blow to ambitions for a powerful what Erdogan said a and”Turkish style presidential systemand”
The ruling party now has to find a coalition partner to stay in power with the MHP being the most possible candidate due to relatively ideological closeness of the two parties. The AK Party led by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu won about 41 percent of the vote on Sunday, according to unofficial results. The main Republican Peopleandrsquos Party (MHP) received 25 percent and is projected to take 131 seats in Parliament. The MHP looks set to secure 16.5 percent of the vote and 82 seats in Parliament. The largest surprise, however, came when the pro-Kurdish Peopleandrsquos Democratic Party (HDP) received 13 percent of the vote in a stunning success that will give it some 80 seats.
All the opposition political parties have spoken out against forming a coalition with the AK Party after election results showed it is set to take 258 seats, well below the minimum required to form a government on its own in the 550-seat Parliament.
MHP leader Devlet Bahandceli said on Monday Turkey should hold a new election if the ruling AK Party is unable to agree to a coalition with the other two opposition parties in Parliament, all but closing the door on an MHP-AK Party coalition.
The MHP had been seen as the most likely minor coalition partner for the AK Party, which lost its simple majority in Sundayand’s election. But Bahandceli all but ruled that out, saying other options should be pursued first.
andquotThe first possibility of a coalition should be between the AK Party and the HDP. The second model can consist of the AK Party, the CHP and the HDP,andquot Bahandceli said. andquotIf all these scenarios fail, then early elections must be held.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman