Bahar Muradova: People face more terrible disasters as result of works done in name of democracy in some countries

Baku: Conflicts and wars contribute to the widespread of drug addiction and other problems.Such facts observed in countries such as Afghanistan and others are terrible. People face more terrible disasters as a result of works done in the name of democracy in these countries. One of them is drug addiction, drug cultivation.

Vice-speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament Bahar Muradova said at the international conference entitled “Protection of the rights of children and women suffering from drug addiction in the family and society” co-organized by the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Muradova said though drug addiction began to spread as Azerbaijan was involved in the conflict in 1988, the steps taken by Heydar Aliyev, programs and laws adopted since 1996 made significant strides in the fight against the drug addiction.

“However, it is not the problem of a single country, but mankind. Joint activities of health centers, education, sports organizations, NGOs and international cooperation are able to prevent this problem.”

She said the Azerbaijani Parliament passes laws, holds public debates to solve problems in this field, stressing the need to involve all segments of society in the fight against this problem. “At the initial stage, drug addiction is regarded as a disease, problem of an individual then it becomes a crime and a person turns into a criminal,” the vice-speaker added.