Azerbaijan’s state budget surplus makes AZN 108 mln

Baku: In the first quarter of 2014, state budget receipts made AZN 4,482.7 mln, expenditures – AZN 4,374.3 mln, Consequently, budget surplus made AZN 108.4 mln.

APA-Economics reports that In January-March, state budget receipts was fulfilled by 106.1% or AZN 4,482.7 mln against AZN 4,225.8 mln-forecast (up AZN 256.9 mln).

Ministry of Taxes fulfilled forecast by 107.1% transferring AZN 1,762.8 mln, up AZN 117.3 mln from forecast, AZN 239.5 mln or 15.7% from previous year.

State Customs Committee fulfilled forecast by 100.2% transferring AZN 330.4 mln to the state budget, up AZN 40.9 mln or 14.1% from a year earlier. SOFAZ transfers stood at AZN 2,342.6 mln.

Budget expenditures made AZN 4,233.3 mln against AZN 4,374.3 mln-forecast.

29.1% or AZN 1,271.9 mln of budget expenditures went to social expenditures, up AZN 108.1 mln or 9.3% by contrast to a year earlier.

According to functional classification, defense spending made 38.8% (AZN 111.5 mln), expenditures for culture, art, information, physical education and spheres not belonging to other categories made 31.0% (AZN 12.1 mln), health expenditures – 18.6% (17.4 mln), transport and communication – 16.0% (AZN 1.9 mln), industry, construction and minerals – 12.2% (AZN 233.6 mln), housing and community facilities – 56.4% (AZN 22.6 mln), judicial power, law-enforcement agencies and prosecutor’s office – 11.1% (AZ 20.7 mln), education – 8.5% (AZN 21.4 mln), social protection and social security – 1.4% (AZN 7.4 mln).

During three months of 2014, AZN 731.3 mln went to construction and reconstruction of the education, science, health culture, sport and other socio-cultural objects, residential houses and other social objects, AZN 1,457.1 mln – to construction ad reconstruction of energy, water and gas supply, transport, community, melioration infrastructures and other spheres.

During the reporting period, the incomes of consolidated budget was fulfilled by AZN 5,433.3 mln, expenditures – by AZN 4,965.6 mln.