Azerbaijan’s karate fighters to join int’l competition

Azerbaijani karate fighters will compete in the 4th International Rumi Children’s Sports Games to be held in Konya, Turkey, AzerTag state news agency reported.

The Games will bring together nearly 1,000 athletes from 31 countries. The junior team includes Gasim Isgandarov weighing in at 52kg, Kenan Agalarzade at 57kg, Seymur Valiyev at 63kg, Riyad Feyzizade at 63kg, Murad Balakishiyev at 70kg, Murad Hajizade at +70kg, Fidan Teymurova at 47kg, Inci Azizova at 47kg, Shole Hasanova at 54kg and Roman Heydarov (kata).