Azerbaijanis can visit Indonesia without visa

By: Amina Nazarli

Azerbaijan and Indonesia have inked an agreement on the visa regime simplification.

Staring from November 1, Azerbaijanis will have a chance to visit Indonesia without visa.

Visa-free regime will be applied only to tourists, and Azerbaijani citizens visiting Indonesia may stay in the country without a visa for a month.

Under the new rules, the stamp put in the passports of Azerbaijani tourists will allow them to stay in Indonesia for 30 days without the extension right of this period, and changing the status of residence.

The decision to introduce visa-free regime was made for the expansion of relations in tourism sector between the two countries, and increase the tourist flow from Azerbaijan.

Today, tourists from over 75 countries can visit Indonesia without a visa.

Indonesia recognized Azerbaijan’s independence in 1991. Bilateral relations between the two republics were established in 1992. Azerbaijani Embassy in Indonesia was established in 2006, and the Embassy of Indonesia in Azerbaijan was opened in 2010.

The two sides have good economy relations. There are successful relations between State Oil Company of Azerbaijan and Indonesian state-owned oil and natural gas Corporation Pertamina.

Crude oil constitutes the biggest part of Indonesia’s import from Azerbaijan. The South Caucasus country emerged as the second biggest supplier of crude oil to Indonesia in 2011 after Saudi Arabia.