Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s Office issues official statement on arrest of Rauf Mirgadirov

Baku: Hafiz Heydarov; The Prosecutor General’s Office has issued an official statement on the arrest of Rauf Mirgadirov.

There are reasonable suspicions that Azerbaijani citizen Mirgadirov Rauf Habibulla, who has conspired with Armenian special forces since April, 2008 against the sovereignty, state security, territorial integrity and defense capability of Azerbaijan, repeatedly met with Armenian special forces in Armenia, Georgia and Turkey and gave them information about the socio-political and military situation in the country, as well as information that was a state secret, along with photographs and diagrams in order to use them for hostile activities against Azerbaijan.

Rauf Mirgadirov faced charges under the Criminal Code’s article #274 (treason) and was sentenced to 3-year imprisonment.

Mirgadirov has been provided with a lawyer as he was detained.

Investigation is underway.