Azerbaijani President: “To affect our policy is impossible”

“Today Azerbaijan is developing. Today, our independent state is going through its most successful period. During its long history Azerbaijan have never been so strong as now. Ongoing reforms in Azerbaijan ensure the further development of our people. ”

According to the President, the main conditions for development are national and spiritual values, “We are committed to our national and spiritual values, they are above all for us. This is – a solid foundation. Our national ideology formed by great leader Heydar Aliyev. We develop, enrich it, this ideology. Ideology Azerbaijanism exists today as a model,” said President Ilham Aliyev at ceremony on the occasion of the 92nd birthday anniversary of national leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev and 11th anniversary of the establishment of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation

President Aliyev noted that the world already knows how properly inter-religious and intercultural relations are regulated in Azerbaijan: “Today Azerbaijan has become one of the world centers in this area. Our international credibility is very high.

Azerbaijan is a country enjoying great respect, affection, and trust in the world. Otherwise, the vast majority of the international community would not support us. Over the last two weeks Nizami Ganjavi International Forum and the annual meeting of the heads of the Asian Development Bank have been held in Baku. We have independent policy on every issue. It is impossible to affect our policy.

Attempts have been made, and probably will be made. But the effectiveness of these attempts is zero. Why? Because the Azerbaijani state is built on a solid foundation. Because there is a unity between the people and the authorities.

The main source of our strength is the people of Azerbaijan. Guests visiting Azerbaijan often ask what is the secret of this rapid development? There is such a development, security reigns, people are smiling, a wonderful atmosphere all around. What is the secret? You know that to explain this during a meeting impossible.

There are many reasons for this. But the main reason is the unity between the people and the authorities. If it is, then, everything will be gained – if not, nothing will help. No energy resources or foreign currency reserves or army – nothing. ”

President Aliyev said that Azerbaijan is a valuable member of the international community: “As a result of the planned cases our ability to influence will become even wider. We need the ability to influence in order to ensure the interests of Azerbaijan. In order to achieve the desired regional cooperation simultaneously.

Our desire is the co-operation, mutual benefit, mutual support. Therefore, Azerbaijan has become a very important country in regional development, regional security and energy security. International authority, economic development, energy security, the implementation of infrastructure projects – all this are Azerbaijani realities.

For each issue, the Azerbaijani leadership has a very fine, elaborate development programs and strategies. How are we going to develop our country in the future ?! We have all the programs associated with it, it is reported periodically, it is supported by the people. ”

The President said that Azerbaijan will host the first ever European games, and in 2017 the Islamic Solidarity Games: “This is also an excellent indicator of the uniqueness of our country. Azerbaijan is a country located between Asia and Europe. This geographical position, of course, impacts on our history, our present situation.

And we try to maximize the use of this geographical location. Our geographical position could bring us misfortune and tragedy. But as a result of deliberate, brave and calibrated foreign policy today we see this favorable position as a positive factor. it was turned into a positive factor by us. Number of countries wishing to cooperate with us increases gradually. This multiplies our credibility, increases our value. ”