Azerbaijani President: “Some foreign circles are waging an open campaign against Azerbaijan”

“Pressure on us increases, while Azerbaijan becomes stronger. Our independent policy is not welcomed by all. Therefore, the pressure on us is increasing and pressure mechanisms are launched,” Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said Thursday in his speech during the nationwide festivities on the occasion of Novruz Holiday

President Aliyev stated that Some foreign circles are waging a campaign against Azerbaijan: “We are ready for it. This campaign, in fact, has never been stopped. Just on the eve of important international events, this campaign becomes even uglier. We are faced with it three years ago – in 2012, on the eve of “Eurovision” contest.

We see it today, on the eve of the first European games. This is organized in the form of a coordinated anti-Azerbaijani campaign, managed from one or more centers, which aims to tarnish, tarnish our country, cast a shadow over our affairs and to present Azerbaijan as a backward, undemocratic, non-free country. All this, of course, is built on a lie.

Therefore, neither the people of Azerbaijan, nor the world community do believe it. Azerbaijani people see with their own eyes. The development of recent years, the improvement of our cities, economic and social development of the country, the growth of our international credibility are visible.

At the same time, our business is not a secret to the world community. Numerous events, exhibitions, conferences, presentation of Azerbaijani culture in foreign countries create the conditions to deliver enough information about Azerbaijan to the international community.

But despite this, we see that the so-called experts, politicians, former government officials, media organizations as if declared the cold war against Azerbaijan. Once again I want to say that all these attempts are futile and useless. In the world there is no power that is able to influence the will of the Azerbaijani people.”

President Aliyev noted that Azerbaijan has provided all freedoms, APA reports: “Azerbaijan has formed a free society. Everyone is free. Provided a free press. There are no restrictions on the internet, there is free internet. Freedom of assembly is provided.

Unlike some countries, freedom of conscience and religion are fully secured. But look at the situation in the country that are trying to blame us. Just yesterday, in the center of Europe, hundreds of protesters were beaten, insulted and arrested. In other places, people strangled, shot and killed. And no one is responsible for it.

Where are the non-governmental organizations, which accuse us? Why are they silent? Why not raise their voice? Why do not blame these countries? Do not have the guts? Or is it the policy of double standards?! Probably, both of them.

Why don’t international structures release declarations? Why don’t they adopt resolutions? To get the answers to these questions are very difficult. On my numerous meetings with foreign colleagues as well as with the heads of international organizations I openly ask them these questions in person.

Maybe therefore there is even stronger pressure on Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, today in world politics, international law does not prevail, but hypocrisy, double standards, discrimination, racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia do. These are today’s realities. Therefore, we must be prepared for it, and we are ready. We are strengthening our country, developing it.

Once again I want to say that Azerbaijan has all the freedoms – political freedom, freedom of conscience, economic freedom. Today, Azerbaijan is a model country in terms of both economic development and inter-religious dialogue.”

The Head of the state noted that there are bloody clashes or confrontation on ethnic, sectarian recriminations in the Middle East, Europe, CIS, but in Azerbaijan representatives of all nationalities, religions live like one family. “This is our policy, the order of people. Today, Azerbaijan has become an important country for the world. Number of countries supporting us in the international arena is growing steadily.

We were elected to the UN Security Council – the most influential structure of the world with the support of 155 countries. Let the country, trying to blame us, try to be elected with the support of 155 countries, we will see how they succeed.

That’s the reality. So, of course, the Azerbaijani people are disappointed with such injustice, double standards, hypocrisy and political incivility. However, this can never affect our will.”

President Ilham Aliyev said that European games is just a pretext for some external forces: “Despite the fact that we have taken on huge responsibility. That is to prepare these games for two and a half years is a very difficult issue. These games will be held at the level of the Olympic Games. Seven years is given for preparation of the Olympic Games.

We do it in just two and a half years, and we do it with the lowest budget. Yesterday cause of protests in the center of Europe was the construction of a building. It means that we spent on preparations for the European games the amount for a single building. And where are the “Transparency International”? Why do they keep silent at this? In Europe, there is one infrastructure object associated with transport.

It is being built for ten years. Money was spent twice as much as we spent on preparations of the European games, and construction is still not completed. Why did not talk about it? Why not write about it? This is a rhetorical question.

But we have to ask these questions and we are asking. Because, we are in favor of justice. Justice must be everywhere, in society, in the family, in international relations. If justice is violated, everything is violated, faith is violated.

As if a new system of values is formed in the world. Instead of justice, an unfair approach, instead of equality, inequality, instead of truth, the hypocrisy and lies. We struggle with this. Of course, Azerbaijan is a small country, but we have enough power to have our say, to influence the processes taking place in the region and on the continent.”