Azerbaijani President: “I have instructed to dismantle the similar facing materials from the buildings in the soonest time”

Baku: The preliminary version is the usage of low quality materials. But these materials are used in Baku for several years. According to the first information, I have received, high-quality materials were used, but later in the composition of these materials dangerous substances have been found. If so, then formal conclusion should be made,” said President Ilham Aliyev at the first meeting of the State Commission, created to investigate the causes of the fire in a high-rise in Baku.

The head of state said that all the structures and people related to the death of innocent people will be punished, and the punishment will be very severe: “Because innocent people died. Once again I want to note that the rescuers, health workers, police officers showed heroism and done their job. If they do not, the number of victims would have been much more. But people died, and it shocked our nation. ”

The President also noted that today in Baku there are a lot of buildings, clad with similar materials: “According to some data, number of such buildings are over 200. Yesterday I gave instructions to Baku City Executive Power, Ministry of Emergency Situations to carry out the examination and study in detail the composition of similar surface materials on the buildings immediately. If there’s danger, the facing materials shall be dismantled. But these works had to be done before. If all the work was done properly, this would not have happened. ”

The Head of State stressed that he gets different and sometimes conflicting information: “This issue should be clarified. Azerbaijani citizens must know the perpetrator or perpetrators, and who should be responsible for what happened. ”