Azerbaijani Parliament discusses stir over arrest of several businessmen

Baku: The stir emerged after the recent arrest of a number of businessmen having credit debts was discussed at today’s meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament.

MP Zahid Oruj said separate forces are creating a stir over the arrest of businessmen owing money to banks.

He recalled the president’s statement and said that great conditions were created for entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan. “However, they should operate within the law. The state has been recently taking serious measures against those who violate the law, but some are creating a stir over it,” the MP added.

Speaker Ogtay Asadov said that those who are creating a stir are known.

“They want to use upcoming European Games. There is no concern over the issue of businessmen, state agencies are taking necessary measures on credit debts. Everybody must obey the law,” the speaker noted.