Azerbaijani parliament adopts draft law on combating religious extremism

Baku: Azerbaijani parliament on Friday adopted the draft law on combating religious extremism.

Azerbaijan adopted the National Security Concept in 2007 and the law on national security later, said Ziyafat Asgarov, first vice-speaker of the parliament.

Asgarov said that any groups opposing Azerbaijan’s state structure is a crime.

“The Constitution clearly says that religion is separate from the state. What they were dealing with in the mosque in Nardaran? They hoisted black flags in the name of imams. Sabir, Akhundov and others fought against religious prejudices a century ago and we are fighting now. How great were those men?! I am looking at how the pupils of 2nd-3rd forms are being brought up. The Azerbaijani government is not in the 1990s that everyone can hoist a flag they want. Only Azerbaijani flag can be hoisted in the mosques. This state was entrusted to us by Heydar Aliyev. The betrayal of trust will be punished,” he said.

Then, the draft law was put up for voting and adopted.