Azerbaijani Paralympians conquer World Games in Seoul

By: Laman Sadigova

Azerbaijani Paralympians successfully participate in the World Games IBSA (International Blind Sports Federation) in Seoul, South Korea.

During the three days of competition our sportsmen won four gold, three silver and two bronze medals. Azerbaijan is represented by Dmitry Saley and Roman Saley (swimming in the 100m distance), Kamil Aliyev (long jumping), Vladimir Zayats (javelin) and Elmira Djhabrayilov (running in the 400 m race).

The International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) was founded in Paris in 1981 as a not-for-profit organization. Its status as a legal entity was formalized in 1985 with the adoption of its first Constitution during a general assembly held in Hurdal, Norway. The constitution has been revised and amended at several assemblies since then, including in June 1997 on the occasion of the 5th General Assembly in Casablanca and at the 7th assembly in Beijing, China, in 2005.

For IBSA it is essential that the visually impaired sports movement has its own identity and there is an international federation working to promote sports, specifically for blind and partially sighted boys, girls, men and women. One of IBSA’s goals is to remain a strong organization – with over 100 member countries the organization is securing this objective.

SOURCE: Azer News