Azerbaijani Eurovision entry Dilara Kazimova to visit Georgia

Baku: Javid Zeynalov; Next stop on Dilara Kazimova promotional tour is Georgia. On Tuesday, April 22th Azerbaijani entry to the Eurovision will visit her western neighbors.

Dilara’s agenda include appearances on TV and interviews with local medias. Her day in Tbilisi will start with hit morning show at major TV Channel GPB, then she is scheduled to meet with radio stations, newspapers and magazines.

The highlight of the day will be a joint interview with fellow Eurovision 2014 contestant from Georgia – Mariko Ebralidze, who’s taking the stage in Copenhagen along with music band The Shin.

The last destination on Dilara’s exciting travel across Europe is Malta on April 25th. And then Copenhagen finally!

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Dilara Kazimova performs with song Start a Fire under #8th in the first Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 6th, 2014 in Copenhagen.