Azerbaijani entrepreneurs adopt appeal to President Ilham Aliyev

Baku: Azerbaijani entrepreneurs attending the conference titled “New stage in the entrepreneurial development: targets and opportunities” have adopted an appeal to the President Ilham Aliyev.

According to APA-Economics, the appeal says:

Dear Mr. President,

As a result of large-scale works conducted under your leadership, the economic growth is provided by the non-oil sector.

As you determined, the driving force in the development of non-oil sector is an entrepreneurship. In accordance with your strategic line, systematic works are being conducted for improvement of business and investment environment in the country, improvement of legislation, facilitation of administrative procedures, increase of state support to the entrepreneurship.

We feel your care and attention on our daily activity, and rely upon you. The documents and decisions which you signed and passed recently prove it once more.

We assess the law adopted at the Parliament, which envisages prevention of cases of abuse, illegal interference in entrepreneurial activity, ensuring of transparency, simplification of administrative procedures in customs and licensing, and decrees signed by you as revolutionary steps taken for business development.

Your historical decisions, which are of great importance for economic development, are welcomed by not only entrepreneurs, by also community and encourage us.

Dear Mr. President,

We, attendees of the conference titled “New stage in the entrepreneurial development: targets and opportunities” assure you that we’ll respond to your care and attention to entrepreneurs with our practical activity, fulfil our responsibilities, dedicate all our energy to realization of your targets, independent Azerbaijan’s progress and our homeland to become more powerful country”.