Azerbaijani Deputy PM comments on shortage of medicines

Baku: We get some alerts on shortage of some medicines in drug-stores and necessary works are underway on this issue. Our studies revealed that the matter is the shortage of medicines not in terms of ingredients but the names.

Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Minister Ali Ahmadov told the aforesaid while commenting on the issue of shortage of some medicines in drug-stores after the fall in prices, APA reports.

Ahmadov said that there are different medicines with the same ingredients, and those medicines are the same for their ingredients and quality, whereas they are named differently as different companies produce them. “People get accustomed to some medicines in a certain period. I understand it. Probably, they regard carefully different medicines with the same ingredients. I would like to mention that all medicines are available although they are named differently”, said the Deputy PM.

“Simply, people need a certain period of time to realize that not the names but the ingredients play the main role, and the medicines with different names but similar ingredients will help them. In this case, this problem will disappear. I think that people are satisfied with the considerable fall in the prices of medicines”, Ahmadov said.