Azerbaijani Defense Ministry: As always at this time, too, the names of the soldiers only from Armenia have been released among dead

Baku: “The names and surnames in information, released by Armenian side that 2 servicemen of Azerbaijani Army by surname Huseynov and name Jeyhun are dead as well as one serviceman by name Elshad was wounded, are fictitious.”

“Azerbaijani Defense Ministry does not confirm the information on casualties of Azerbaijani Army on the frontline. Because this is a lie,” Azerbaijani Defense Ministry spokesman, Colonel Vagif Dargahli told APA.

Commenting on news by Armenian side that 2 Azerbaijani servicemen by surname Huseynov whose name is not available, and by name Jeyhun whose surname is not available, are dead as well as other serviceman by name Elshad was wounded, V. Dargahli noted that the names and surname, released by Armenia, are fictitious.

“Armenians try to demonstrate this lie to their society as a fact and hide their casualties by this way. We inform about all our casualties. I assure that Armenians hide major part of their casualties up to 20 soldiers bewaring of possible protests of citizens of Armenia. As always at this time, too, the names of the soldiers only from Armenia have been released among dead. No information is given about soldier casualties from Karabakh. It means that soldiers from Karabakh have “bullet-proof magical jackets” and nothing happens to them,” said V. Dargahli.

Regarding the photo of weapons allegedly abandoned on the battlefield by Azerbaijani saboteur, Dargahli noted that it was prepared by Armenians. According to him, the telescopic sight mounted on the machine gun, allegedly owned by Azerbaijani soldiers, absolutely is not used in the arsenal of the Azerbaijani Army.

The Armenian side at different times has repeatedly demonstrated this photo, shot from different angles, on same kind news. “If our servicemen have attacked their positions as say Armenians, why machine gun is equipped with a telescopic sight… In close combat, the use of such optical devices is nothing but additional burden.”

Defense Ministry spokesman added that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces fully control the operational situation on the front and any attempt by enemy is reacted decently. “The enemy must understand that every attempt will cost them dearly, for every such attempt they will pay with the blood of tens of soldiers.”