Azerbaijani Defense Minister: “We’ll destroy 70% of enemy in the first attack”

Baku: “The enemy must not be calm, live under fear in our occupied territories. Our lands must be liberated, revenge of our martyrs must be taken”

Defense Minister, Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov and top officials of the ministry have visited the military units in the regions on the frontline.

According to website of the Ministry, the Minister, joining Novruz celebration in the military units has congratulated the personnel on the Novruz Holiday.

Speaking about the situation on the frontline, the minister said the enemy is in the panic: “We strike such blows to them that they are afraid. They don’t want to serve on the frontline and leave the trenches. They are obliged to deploy the civilians to the posts. We must withdraw the invaders from our lands. We are able to do that and will do.

Supreme Commander-in-Chief does his best to strengthen the army. Our nation is hero, we have brave sons and we must liberate our lands fighting more bravely and courageous. That days is already close to us. Or Armed Forces become stronger day-by-day, new weapons and equipments are purchased.

I’m clearly saying that we’ll destroy 70% of enemy in the first attack. We have many weapons and equipments that if we strike blow to Armenia they will not be able to revive for hundreds of years. Armenians must understand it and leave our lands voluntarily.

Every serviceman of Armed Forces must destroy enemy by seizing any occasion day and night. The enemy must not be convenient, live under fear in our occupied territories. Our lands must be liberated, revenge of our martyrs must be taken”.

Now the time has come. We’ll liberate our lands in a short-run. You watched the speech made Supreme Commander-in-Chief on the occasion of Novruz Holiday. The President said that we’ll return to our historical lands. We’ll return to Irevan, Zangazur, Shusha, Khankendi. This will absolutely happen and there can be no doubt. I again congratulate you on Novruz holiday, wish you health and victory. I wish us to mark this Victory Day soon”.

The officials of the ministry have also visited military hospital on the frontline, met with medical personnel and presented holiday gifts to the servicemen.