Azerbaijani cyclists participate at London UCI Track Cycling

By: AminaNazarli

London hosted the UCI Track Cycling World Cup on December 5-7.

The cyclists from 38 countries including three female cyclists from Azerbaijan took part in the World-class track cycling.

Azerbaijani cyclist Olga Ismayilova took the third place at the first stage of the competition among five cyclists. Leaving behind cyclists from Poland and Spain, Olga won the ticket to the semi-final.

However, Olga could not reach the final, thus took the 11th place among 25 cyclists.

In general, Azerbaijani cyclists have made great achievements in recent months at the second stage of the World Cup. On men’s Keirin competition, Sergey Omelchenko participated in the competition held in Mexico and London. He became the eighth among 43 sportsmen.

Olga Ismayilova became the 10th among 45 cyclists, overcoming 200 meters distance on the sprint competition. She is the 21st on Keirin competition.

Both Sergey and Olga gained the chance to compete at the World Cup to be held in France in February.

However, before the World Cup, the national cyclists will participate at the third stage of the World Cup to be held in Columbia on January 16-18.