Azerbaijani Community of Nagorno-Karabakh issues statement condemning “elections” in territories occupied by Armenia

Baku: “We think it’s important to hold meetings between the Azerbaijani and Armenian communities for contribution to the settlement of the conflict”

The Public Union “Azerbaijani Community of Nagorno-Karabakh” has issued a statement on illegal “parliamentary elections” to be held in the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia on May 3, APA reports.

The statement says that these “elections” flagrantly violate the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, norms and principles of international law and don’t cover suffrage of Azerbaijanis living in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“This event that caused protest of all the people of Azerbaijan, including Azerbaijani population of Nagorno-Karabakh region was discussed and condemned at the board meeting of the Public Union “Azerbaijani Community of Nagorno-Karabakh”.

Legitimate elections in Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Karabak region may also be held after Armenian Armed Forces’ leaving occupied territories, return of Azerbaijanis to their lands, ensuring peaceful life between Azerbaijani and Armenian communities of the region.

It’s clear to world that unrecognized illegal regime in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan is a criminal body organized by Armenia on the basis of ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijani population. Therefore, the international organizations and world countries also have never recognized such so-called “elections” held by Armenia in Nagorno Karabakh to conceal its aggressive policy.

Azerbaijani community of the Nagorno Karabakh says it hopes that Armenia’s non-constructive acts will be reprobated by international union once again and measures will be taken to put an end to its aggressive policy.

Formation of relations based on mutual confidence between Azerbaijani and Armenian communities may contribute to the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Therefore, we think it’s important to hold meetings between the communities.

We think that it’s impossible to restore peace and cooperation in the region unless Armenian Armed Forces leave Azerbaijan’s territories and this conflict is settled justly. We believe that the Nagorno Karabakh conflict will be settled justly on the basis of international laws, Azerbaijani population will return to their lands and peaceful life between two communities will be ensured”, the statement said.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency