Azerbaijani citizen murdered in Georgia – UPDATED

UPDATED: Gazakh, $250,000 was stolen from the victim, Nariman Mustafayev

Some details have emerged of the Azerbaijani citizen murdered in Georgia.

Law enforcement authorities told APA’s western bureau that the murdered Gazakh district resident Nariman Mustafayev, 35, was in Georgia to exchange Manat banknotes that he had collected from friends and acquaintances.

On March 22, the car with N. Narimanov and his Georgian friend inside was shot from an unidentified car in a pass called Yaghlija, Rustavi city, Georgia, as they were traveling back to Azerbaijan. When the car stopped, several men assaulted on them. Mustafayev had about $250,000 on him at the time of the assault. Trying to flee with the money, the Azerbaijani man was caught and stabbed to death at the scene.

It is said that Mustafayev’s Georgian friend was also detained by Georgian law enforcement authorities for security concerns as he had witnessed the crime.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency