Azerbaijani army prevents diversion attempts of Armenian armed forces

Baku: Azerbaijani army has prevented recent diversion attempts of Armenian armed forces on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border and along the contact line of troops in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

Armenian deliberate escalation of the tension forced the Azerbaijani to take retaliatory measures, said the Dec.7 statement of the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry.

As a result of mortar strikes inflicted per day on the pre-defined points of the Armenian armed forces, the enemy suffered dozens of losses and their several vehicles were destroyed, said the statement.

In order to reduce the number of combat casualties, the Armenian side covers up the fact of the deaths of servicemen from Nagorno-Karabakh, civilians deployed to trenches as well as mercenaries involved from the hot sports in the Middle East, said the statement.

As stated by the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, Armenia’s military and political leadership bears full responsibility for the worsening situation on the contact line and punitive measures to be taken by Azerbaijani armed forces against the enemy.